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Credibility, ethics and competence

Pires Intelligence in Destinations and Events is a company with over 25 years of dedication to the development of tourism and events in Brazil and abroad. The company has four pillars:


  • Commercial representation for hotels and bidding of associative and corporate events;
  • Destination Marketing Consulting;
  • Training in tourism and events;
  • Speeches.


With a history of credibility, ethics and competence, the company works since 1993 in the development of tourism as a social and business tool. Pires knows and is known by the market.

What do we do?

Commercial representation for hotels and bidding of events.


Pires represents hotels, resorts and convention centers for the bidding of corporate and associative events.


We have a wide database with several diverse companies from all over Brazil and more than 4 thousand registered and updated congresses. With over 25 years of experience in the market, we have a high expertise and a lot of knowledge of Business Tourism.


We connect the event organizers with the hotels, making the search for the ideal destination for the event’s success easier.


Our eyes are focused on the big hotel chains, independent hotels and event centers.


We understand that the events are fundamental tools in the performance and in the financial results of the tourism enterprises, as they tend to result in an increase in the hotel occupancy rate, combating seasonality, developing new sources of revenue and increasing competitiveness, thus increasing the profitability of your space for events!


We can work with your hotel or convention center, bringing to you the best fitting corporate and associative events for your space and your offered services.

The search for the right location for your event

Companies and organizations run events as a powerful moment of networking with the clients, and Pires knows the market well enough to find the best location for your target audience. Aside of the database with the complete history of thousands of events, we also have access to a network of high value relationships.


The great transformations we have undergone encourage us to make decisions according to the modern times, and the choice for the right place for your event is of utmost importance to achieve the desired effectiveness.


We work with the best event locations in the country and align to cost-effectiveness; we seek the ideal destination, the best available air route network and work logistics according to the needs of your company or organization.


Our team is always ready to show you the best venue for your event, because our experience and relationship with the market allows us to know the appropriate physical structures and environment to hold an innovative event, with quality and success.

Consulting for associative organizations

The understanding of the role of the events for the associative organizations, learned after decades of experience with event bidding, made natural for Pires to provide advice for planning and organizing the application process for associative events, and guidance for entities in choosing ideal destinations and enterprises that meets the needs of their events.


Seeing the importance and credibility of the associative organizations, our team acts as a facilitator of application procedures and as a generator of results for scientific societies.


Focusing on the new business models and challenges of the adaptation to the technological changes, Pires puts to work strategies with the goal of always keeping the organization a step ahead in the definition of its events.

Marketing of Tourism Destinations

We are passionate about destination marketing, creating innovative strategies and structuring plans to promote destinations and tourism companies.


We analyze tourism in the destination, understanding its offer and demand and its level of public and private collaboration and partnership, drawing in a participatory way a current panorama of the place. With the diagnosis, we create a strategy which indicates goals and objectives, building a new market positioning and a touristic brand.


With the touristic strategy of the destination structured, we elaborate an Action Plan to reach the proposed goals and objectives, identifying which touristic products should be promoted in which markets, in what way it should be done, and which marketing tools should be used in order to do it.


The results of tourism for a destination cannot be left to chance, or be the permanent repetition of the same actions without a firm understanding of the demand or the setting of a path. Pires has experience in the elaboration of Touristic Marketing plans for cities and regions, with expertise in commercial intelligence to attract tourists, making their stay in the destination longer, and encouraging them to spend more in the location. Potentialize your results in tourism and contact Pires.


We have elaborated marketing plans for Brazilian destinations in international organisms, such as BID, and national ones, such as the Tourism Ministry. Pernambuco, Sergipe, Mato Grosso’s Pantanal, Belo Horizonte and Ceará are some of our clients.


We act in consultancy for attracting flights, events, lectures and tourism observatories curation and issues related to public-private institutional strengthening in the sector.

Training in Tourism

Pires is an authority when it comes to tourism. Because of that, we do training programs in hotels, event locations and sales teams.

In our trainings, you and your team will have the opportunity to:


  • Understand better scenarios and trends of both Brazil’s and the world’s tourism;
  • Learn concepts of business and event tourism;
  • Understand what is the correct approach for sales in the corporate and associative events areas;
  • Identify potential clients in companies and trade associations;
  • Knowing how to approach and network with clients looking for event locations;


The market gets more competitive and changes more and more by day, what demands even more professionalism and training of every member of the tourism chain. Without a team in constant improvement, you may be losing the chance to significantly improve your results.


Do you want to qualify your team and put your company or destination a step ahead of the competition?


The experience of Pires’ professionals led us to develop tailor-made speeches for our clients, be in a general approach to the tourism sector or in specific areas like marketing, events, destinations and quality of life improvement by travel. The lectures inspire, motivate and teach.


Each speech is prepared according to the needs and objectives of the content, either talking about a general approach to the sector, or specific areas like marketing, events, destinations and quality of life improvement by travel.

Meet Pires’ Speaker:

Jeanine Pires

Jeanine Pires


Historian, specialist in events and tourism economics and marketing. Graduated in History with specialization in Tourism Economics and Social Sciences; Master in Tourism in Spain. Former Executive Director of both Maceió and Recife’s Convention Bureaux, Director and President of EMBRATUR, Executive Secretary of the Culture Ministry and President of the Tourism and Business Council of São Paulo’s Fecomércio and of the WTM Latin America’s Advisory Board.

Formerly also the Secretary of Economic and Tourism Development of the state of Alagoas, and President of the Integrated Tourism Comission of Northeastern Brazil (CTI Nordeste). Currently the Director of PIRES INTELLIGENCE IN DESTINATIONS AND EVENTS and of MATCHER Travel Business Opportunities. Jeanine is an experienced speaker in Brazil and abroad (fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French), a blogger for Panrotas and Medium, writes articles and does consultation in the travel and tourism sector. Discover more about Jeanine Pires’ lectures:

Offered Speeches:


  • Tourism: scenarios and trends
  • Changes in tourism after the CoVid-19 pandemic
  • Tourism’s sustainable development
  • Bidding of associative and corporate events
  • Strategic positioning of destinations
  • Commercial intelligence for destination marketing
  • The benefit of trips to quality of life: how to sell a trip
  • The industry of business and event tourism

Knowledge Areas:


  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Quality of Life
  • Public Administration
  • Tourism
  • Regional Development

Include in the schedule of your scientific or corporate event speeches that inspire, motivate and teach!

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